Apps for PC

"Apps for PC: WhatsApp is the best instant messaging applications that let you send text messages and images"

Apps for PC is one of the functions more demands by users of instant messaging applications.

The most downloaded applications for pc are the queens of the smartphone, the app as instant messaging, WhatsApp for PC, Line, Viber, Tango and WeChat more known in the Asian market. All of them in one way or another they allow for the installation on our computers in order to chat with our friends from home, with our internet connection.

WeChat for PC the new instant messaging app for computer

WeChat for PC is the last app in incorporating free calls. WeChat app of Chinese origin bets loudly on the market of the applications of chat incorporating more functions to improve the application.

The great movement in the communications sector has brought us to the world of mobile applications that today we consider almost indispensable. Are No other than the applications of chat or instant messaging. This market moves millions of users with a volume of business that a few years ago no one could imagine. There are already many companies that have developed chat applications with their versions of apps for PC and competing for this succulent cake.

This is why fashion are instant messaging apps and the developers don't stop improve them, with the purpose of obtaining a great income with their apps for PC or Smartphone.

Alternatives of chat.


Video calls, voice calls and instant message chat. With apps of chat  you can communicate with your friends in different ways. However, it has some limitations, as for video conferencing with multiple people at the same time you have to pay.

Between all of the apps messaging and chat highlights the well-known WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber for iPad or PC and for other devices. But there are many other apps to have conversations from your PC not so well known but very interesting.

There are other applications that are similar to apps of chat and also you can download on your mobile.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is the video conferencing service Google +. You can make video calls and chat with several buddies simultaneously. Unlike Skypedoes not have to pay for video conferencing with multiple people.

  • ooVoo

It is an instant messaging service that allows video calls with twelve people at a time. Calls to landlines and mobiles and group conferences are extra. It is available for Android and Apple devices.

  • Tango

Is one of the call systems for IP most widely used worldwide. You can make calls, video calls and instant messages for free. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Tablets.

  • VoxOx

You can make video calls and free calls between users of this program. Also allows you to send fax, SMS and chat like Whatsapp. It is available for iOS and Windows.

  • VoxOx

You can make video calls and free calls between users of this program. Also allows you to send fax, SMS and chat like Whatsapp. It is available for iOS and Windows.

  • Jitsi

    Allows video calls, chat and call mobile phones and landlines. You can encrypt your calls. It is available for Windows, iOS and Linux.

  • Facetime

Is an alternative to Skype for operating system for Apple computers. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac.

  • Ekiga

  • You can make video calls if you have a Windows or Linux operating system. To make calls from your computer to a phone you need to have an account on a internet telephony company.


As chat with Kik Messenger for PC

The app Kik Messenger is that application of project snapshot that the millions of users that have terminals such as Android, IOS, Windows Phone and even Symbiam throughout the world, is so nonbinding.This application can also be used in PC because we have some options for doing so.

The system of sending email instant is another one of the applications of Kik Messenger.Gives you the possibility to share with your friends or family members those photos of your holiday, sketches, voice messages, etc. , to be able to perform all this.

It is necessary that you have registered with a name for the system can identify you.

Kik Messenger for PC

Do you want to have the app Kik Messenger on your PC? The use of the mail was designed for mobile devices, hence is not drawn up even a app official PC, however, this situation has a solution, using only an emulator free on your PC the problem will be resolved.

For this you need to download so nonbinding on page wed emulators: BlueStacks Android Emulator.Once installed, you will have to follow all the steps that tell you, looking at the screen as if you're watching your Smartphone.

Then you'll go to the store of apps and everthing the app "Kik Messenger", you'll click on the button to install and ready. From here you can use the app Kik Menssenger in your PC or your Mac and start to send email to your friends and family.

Features and functions of Kik Messenger.

Kik Messenger is being used by millions of users in the world due to the fact that:

1- If you have the app mercy in your browser, you can browse in the network of networks.

2- You can send messages to your friends or family members and share with them.

3- It is one of the apps faster than there are.

4 - It is very easy to use.