Viber for PC and Viber Android

Viber for PC app is now able to make and receive phone free calls from other Viber users.

Viber for PC we are going to explain how to install this fantastic application on your computer and can use it without the need to have a phone with the latest technology. Download Viber for PC and install the app on your computer.

Viber Android

Viber Android is an application developed for the cutting-edge phones, which have operating systems like IOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia... To install Viber for PC, the first thing we need is an Android emulator.

With the installation of an Android emulator, not only you will be able to use Viber, but opens the door to a wealth of applications available for smartphones us and that will install on the PC.

Let's start with the installation.

The first thing we have to do is download the Android emulator. The best emulator we tested is Bluestacks, and you can download directly from the page. Once downloaded, installed it on your pc as the Installer gives us. When the installation process has completed, will create a shortcut on the desktop of your computer.

Click the shortcut to run the Bluestacks emulator. Once loaded, we should show a window like this:

Viber for PC Download

Download Viber for PC free now.

To download the application Viber for PC we look for it with the application Finder and install it. Now you can go to My Apps, click on Viber icon and start the configuration.

Viber asked us our phone number, insert a mobile phone number. After entering the number, the application will request us the activation code, here is to enter the activation code that we have just received on your mobile phone via SMS, and accept.

Once activated the phone number, we can begin to use Viber for PC if we were on a smartphone.