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Text messages free thanks to instant messaging applications. Send text messages free with WhatsApp.

Instant messaging has revolutionized the world of communication. Sometimes it is good to look back to see how applications such as Whatsapp we have changed the lives, for some to a lesser extent. But what is certain is that the global communication has taken a step forward. The multiple applications that developers have launched over the past few years we help or push to change the way we communicate with other users. The apps of chat or instant messaging along with social networks are the phenomenon of this decade.

Send text messages free with WhatsApp for PC

Send free text messages is one of the functions carried out by more users every day. It is like a disease that seems to have spread to high speed thanks to a myriad of applications that these last two years have appeared in the communications market via the mobile and now for PC. It is difficult to find people who do not have a Smartphone with WhatsApp, Line or other similar app. The first application in the world of the great publicity that allows you to send free text messages was WhatsApp. Now test WhatsApp for Samsung in your Korean Smartphone.

Sending text messages is a phenomenon that has changed the lives of many people and their way of behaving and communicating with others.

WhatsApp for PC is the last great application to send free text messages that has become popular in the United States and Spain and other European countries.

The text messages for free they have achieved something that seemed impossible a few years ago, and is that the operators hooked up hundreds of free SMS in their data tariffs.

Free text messages to send from our Smartphone today is something normal. For this reason WhatsApp download for PC is a leader in the lists of apps of many countries.

Free text messages and SMS of the operators

The text messages for free using instant messaging applications have achieved that the revenue obtained the carriers with the famous SMS have been reduced by almost 10% in this concept. But the operators are trying to regain that profits are down with the data plans for Smartphone.